Garnet And Gold Social Society/Housing Corporation

Garnet and Gold Social Society of San Marcos, Texas

Effective June 2011, a newly formed housing corporation, along with an all new Board of Directors, replaced the original Pi Kappa Alpha Housing Corporation and its long standing board. The current housing corporation is officially named the Garnet and Gold Social Society of San Marcos, Texas. The Board of Directors and officers of the Garnet and Gold Social Society are elected annually and currently include the following brothers:

Board Members

Ed Newman, President
Jeffrey Dochen Vice President
Gerry Gamble, Treasurer
Blair Williams, Secretary
David Griffith, Director
Dan Hilton, Director
Rodney Unruh, Director
Bryce Cole, Director
Johnathon Sellers, Director

Advisory Board Members:

Kevin Barrow 
Dwayne Dietert
Phillip McAliley
Kelley Cantrell
Tom Clancy

The original house on Belvin, acquired in 1969 as the first fraternity house on campus, was sold in 1997 and a much newer and more manageable facility, located on Highway 123, replaced it. Beginning in 2006 there was a four year period during which Zeta Theta was not present at the University and as a result, this second house was sold to the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity during January 2010.

A renewed Zeta Theta tradition began in April 2010, following the initiation of new colony members and the Zeta Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha officially returned to Texas State. By all standards, the Chapter has been enormously successful and is thriving, but does not currently have an official or permanent house. Instead, it is leasing two adjacent facilities. Additional information is available by keying the “House” tab on this website page.

Fortunately, and thanks to the fiduciary efforts of past board members, the new board undertakes its responsibilities with “money in the bank” that results in a solid beginning point. Although not nearly sufficient to either construct or acquire a suitable facility, this seed funding can be used to our advantage and efforts are already underway to identify an appropriate building site.

Ultimately, the support and generosity of our alumni base – the largest of any fraternity on campus – will be critical in making the ownership of a permanent facility a reality, benefitting future generations of undergraduates and all alumni alike. To that eventual end, the Housing Corporation and the Alumni Association are working in lockstep to enhance the alumni outreach experience.

As the efforts of the Housing Corporation progress, we invite all of our alums to participate. The By-laws contain a unique provision that enables all previously initiated members of Zeta Theta and other Pike chapters to become Voting Members. To learn more and to become a Voting Member, please click here or click the “Voting Membership” tab on the menu to the right

Contact David Collier at or by phone at 512-507-4496 for additional information.