Alumni Volunteers

The following is a listing of current and past alumni volunteers. Please send us a message if you know the names of any past Alumnus Advisors or Housing Corporation members who are missing from these lists.

Garnet & Gold  Social Society

Blair Williams- current advisory board member
Clint Carson - current advisory board member
Chris Lagasse - current board member
Dan Hilton – current advisory board member
David Collier - current board member
Dwayne Dietert -current advisory board member
David Griffe - current board member
David Osborne - current board member
Ed Newman - current board member
Gerry Gamble- current advisory board member
Jeffrey Dochen - current board member
Phillip McAliley - current board member
Rich Durand - current board member
Robert Cotner - current board member

Past Board Members

B.A. Copus
Blair Williams
Bob Richardson
Brian Holdsworth
Chris Rapp
Dennis Rose
Gary Nesmith
Gary Ploetz
James Fite
Jerry Moore
John Seale
Kevin Land
Lee Mitchell
Nilon Tallant
Noel Braniff
Ralph Davis
Refel Rushing
Robert Cotner
Rodney Unruh
Ronnie Hubble
Winter Logan

Zeta Theta  Alumni Association

Andrew Kramer - Current board member
Chris Lagasse - Current board member
Chris Rapp - Current board member
John Hunt - Current board member
Tony McNickle - Current board member

Past Board Members

Ray Swank
Kevin McGlothlin
Bryce Cole
Brandon Smith

Past Theta Zeta Alumni Advisory Board Members

Brad Frailicks
Brandon Jacobs
Bryce Cole
Charlie Morgan
David Collier
Gary Nesmith
Jeff Filbin
Jim Kramer
Justin Nelson
Kevin McGlothlin
Michael Paschali
Ray Swank
Shannon Miller
Shawn Nyman
Tony McNickle