As most Zeta Theta alums are aware, the original house on Belvin Street, acquired in 1969 as the first fraternity house on campus–the house where many wonderful memories vividly remain for so many of us–was sold in 1997 as the result of its advanced age, deteriorated condition and close proximity to too many residential neighbors. The much smaller house that replaced it, located on Highway 123, was subsequently sold as the result of the four year period that began in 2006, during which Zeta Theta was not present at the University.

A renewed Zeta Theta tradition began in April 2010, as the result of the initiation of new colony members. Happily, the Chapter is once again enormously successful and thriving. However, since returning, Zeta Theta no longer has been able to claim an official or permanent house. Instead, it is leasing two adjacent residences on West Hutchison Street.

Your new housing corporation, the Garnet and Gold Social Society of San Marcos Texas, began in 2011 with the focused goal of bringing a truly fine fraternity house to not only the active Chapter, but just as importantly, to serve as a gathering place for all of our alumni, a place we can take great pride in creating.

The journey to find a suitable site has been exhaustive, as the result of the almost innumerable obstacles that had to be overcome. Despite the challenges, your housing corporation Board of Directors is now thrilled to officially announce we have very recently closed on the purchase of what we believe is the ideal parcel of land that will serve all of the needs of both our undergraduate brothers and alumni out into the distant future.

Effective December 4, 2015, we closed on the purchase of 2.99 acres located at 1825 Post Road. Additionally, we are in the process of acquiring a small contiguous parcel that will bring our total site to approximately 3.3 acres. The site lies immediately beyond the San Marcos city limits, a crucial consideration, and only about 1.2 miles south of Bobcat Stadium. Currently, the parcel accommodates 10 trailer home pads and rent from the existing tenants provides a vital, interim cash flow stream. An aerial photo is being provided.

We would be remiss in not recognizing the extraordinary efforts of individual Board members and advisors who have made this purchase a reality. David Collier ’70, Board President, and Jeffrey Dochen ’76, Real Estate Advisor, worked tirelessly to identify this property and to then shepherd the purchase through the closing. Refel Rushing ’69 & ‘71, Board Member, negotiated extremely favorable financing, not otherwise available, as the result of his personal banking relationships. Rick Whitley ’78, Legal Advisor, spent countless hours providing guidance and protecting our legal interests. Without the selfless contributions of time and energy by each of these brothers, this accomplishment would not have been possible.

Over the weeks and months to come, you will hear a great deal more about this ongoing project. We will also be reaching out to our wonderful Zeta Theta alums, the largest fraternity alumni base at Texas State, and exploring ways to best take the next and even more exciting step of building a fraternity house at our new location. This promises to be an endeavor that will make us even more proud to be Pikes from Texas State University.