Rodney Unruh ’78

Brother Unruh was initiated into Pi Kappa Alpha in 1973 and received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in December of 1978 from Texas State University.

He has had a variety of careers including becoming a hairstylist and a Real Estate Agent while attending SWTSU before becoming a dedicated AT&T employee for 37 years! Rodney’s many years of hard work and dedication has led him to be the Director at AT&T.

Brother Rodney has stayed active with Texas State University as an alumnus. He is a member of the Texas State Alumni Association and also holds membership with the Texas State Bobcat Club.

While being involved in Pi Kappa Alpha as an undergraduate, Rodney held the position of Secretary and Vice President. He has remained involved with the fraternity and served as a Board Member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Housing Corporation.

Rodney and Pat have two children, Tiffany Unruh White and Ryan C. Unruh. Tiffany graduated from Texas State with a degree in Education, she is married and has two children of her own in Georgetown Texas. Ryan also graduated from Texas State, with a degree in Biology and is in his 4th semester at the University of Antigua Medical School.

The Zeta-Theta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha means a family of brothers to Rodney. He believes the habits he developed have been carried throughout his personal and business life. Habits are defined as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.” Habits gained from the involvement of Pi Kappa Alpha- Zeta Theta helped Rodney build character, integrity and honesty. His brothers showed how to live up to commitments/promises, and helped him build long-lasting relationships and friendships. “All of these habits enhanced my professional life, family, marriage, and faith in god. These habits are the kind of habits that are hard to give up. Pi Kappa Alpha and Zeta-Theta helped me to become a better me!”