Chris Lagasse ’06

Christopher was initiated in 2004 at Texas State University. When he was initiated, Zeta-Theta was in the process of going through probation status with the university. Subsequently, the Zeta-Theta charter was suspended by Pi Kappa Alpha, pending a future re-colonization. Although Pike was fully disbanded, Christopher describes his brotherhood as if it was not. He says the house was kept fully occupied and maintained for two years. As a tenant of the Pike house during this time, he and his roommates experienced the responsibilities and challenges that accompany the lack of organizational structure. Although there were hardships, Lagasse still gained the memories and values of brotherhood. Besides becoming a member of Pi Kappa Alpha during undergrad, Christopher was also a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, a Physics Honor Society.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Physics in 2006, he is now back in school at the University of Houston, earning an Executive MBA and is expected to graduate in May 2017. He currently works for Premier Pipe as the Manager of Commercial Operations. In between his scholastic accomplishments, Lagasse has been a member of the Petroleum Equipment and Services Association since 2007, an Inaugural Leadership Program Participant in 2015 and a Supply Chain Committee Member in 2016.

As an Alumnus, Lagasse has remained involved with Pike by holding various positions including ZTAA 2009-2010, ZTAA President 2011-2012 and ZTAA Vice President 2013-2014. He is also a Member of Garnet & Gold Society of San Marcos, on the Garnet & Gold Society Advisory Board 2016, and on the 2016 Alumni Advisory Board-Operations Advisor. Lagasse was even a winner of the Robert Cotner Award in 2012.

Christopher is married to Sondra Lagasse and they have two daughters Brynn (6) and Sloan (5).

“Zeta-Theta is a family of brothers that I love and respect.” Lagasse says all of his brothers come from a variety of circumstances and personalities, but knows they all have a common source of pride. He also knows Zeta-Theta has a rich history and tradition at Texas State, and the alumni involvement continues to grow and support development of the chapter.

“Our bond extends to the entire Pi Kappa Alpha brotherhood. When I meet a Pike I know that we share the same values.”